I only want to share with you guys how this trip motivates me so much. I had had mental breakdown for a long time right before this trip. I lost hope in my life, and I considered myself as a failure. I thought that I was unlucky to not be as good as my friend (what we call peer pressure). Furthermore, there were so many challenges, many failures i had had to face when I was the president/founder of 2 projects. I don’t know how many times had I cried :D. But this trip really changed my mind. I have heard about this kind of life on TV, on media, on newspaper, but this is the first time in real life had I met. It was far from my imagination. It just so hard to talk about this trip by words, but I want to say that I feel lucky to have sufficient food, sufficient living conditions. This trip lightened my mood. It was happy to meet an another side of a society.

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