Hanoi Food Rescue

The shortest tenure, but also the most memorable one.

Hanoi Food Rescue (HFR) is the first club that I joined since I got to high school. To admit, I nearly failed applying. However, thanks to my predecessors’ forgiveness, I have had one more chance to experience and to fail.

I was arrogant, cocky, bossy, since I believed that I was the navel of the universe. I succeeded multiple times, and hardly did I fail as I always got support from my parents and my partners. That made me think that I would, one more time, become the leader of this club.

However, life is unpredictable. Despite being chosen to become the leader of our biggest event: The Hunger Games, I failed to perform and made lots of mistakes. Obviously, there are both external and internal factors. That was the first time ever did we have to make an online event, but it is also my fault for not checking and testing carefully enough to avoid basic mistake. I failed to predict our outcome, and I was overconfident that I didn’t double-check before submitting to our core team. My mistake, unavoidably, made a group of 10 people stay up late to fix it. It is predictable that I wasn’t elected to become the next generation core team’s member.

Despite those failures, I am still craving to work as a HFR member. We had lots of experiences. We had fun, and we cried. All those memories, still, stay in my heart.

This first slap, also the first hug, really changes my self-concept. It takes time to be less aggressive, but I now know who I am, what my strength is, what my weaknesses are. I know how to keep calm, to maintain a neutral spirit, to not blaming on others, to recognize myself. Those experiences, ultimately, contribute to who I am now.

Hanoi Food Rescue didn’t bring me the best. Instead, it brings me a plethora of stress and negative mood. However, those stress worth a thousand thanks and gratitude. If I were to have another chance, Hanoi Food Rescue would continue be my choices!

Our event for helping homeless residents in Covid-19 pandemic

Our club’s members

Our biggest event: The Hunger Games

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